The Oppurtunity : We would break down the NFT opportunity into four core areas:

Rapid Adoption The NFT market cap increased by 1,785 percent in 2021 alone. Brands, inventors, and all other IP owners are quickly adopting NFTs as a result of this increasing trend.

There's More to NFT than Digital Art.A smart contract can be assigned nearly anything, therefore the possibilities are unlimited

Scarcity The scarcity of an NFT item is determined by the inventor. An NFT can be used to represent a ticket in a music festival, for example. The organizer can decide on the number of replicas, but each one will have its own unique ID (like a barcode).

Royalties There are no restrictions on how you can collect royalties, so you can do whatever you want. so you could put your house on an NFT, and then receive lifetime commission every time your house is sold to new owners.

What We Offer ?

  • Strategy

    • Launch & community strategy
    • Building roadmaps covering every stage from design to launch
    • Building internal Web3.0 teams
    • Defining a royalty strategy
  • Design

    • VR & AR Design for the Metaverse
    • Designing NFT Artwork
    • Unique Brand Experiences
    • Digital Item Design
    • Virtual Environments
    • 3D Design
  • Development

    • Token development
    • Converting digital assets into tokens
    • Smart Contracts
    • Marketplace Publishing
    • Custom Smart Contract Development
    • Development & Packaging Of Metaverse Items
    • ICO Development
  • Scale

    • Community Building & User Acquisition
    • Metaverse & NFT Advertising
    • Guerilla Marketing
    • Automated Growth hacking
    • Guerrilla Marketing
People don’t understand NFTs, Metaverse, and crypto today the same way they didn’t understand online shopping in the 1995” ~ Anuj Jasani

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"If Bitcoin can have value, if Ethereum can have value, then in theory, an NFT can have value as long as the smart contracts and the social contracts and the community enforcing it has value."-naval

In this revelatory talk, technologist Kayvon Tehranian explores why NFTs -- digital assets that represent a certificate of ownership on the internet -- are a technological breakthrough.

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